7/8/2018- First 2018 Lso-positive potato psyllid

While this year potato psyllids have been collected from western and south-central Idaho, today we had the first report of a Liberibacter (Lso)- Carrying insect. Lso is associated with zebra chip disease in potatoes.

7/1/2018: Wireworm damage

Wireworms continue to impact cereal production in Idaho. If you think that you might have wireworms in your field please contact us for monitoring instruction. Seed treatment and proper rotation are recommended.

Be aware of safflower susceptibility to wireworm damage. Significant damage has been reported in eastern Idaho.

6/13/2018: Wheat Stem Sawfly

Wheat Stem Sawfly activity has been reported in eastern Idaho. Chemical control is not recommended since it is not expected to be effective. Cultural practices and using resistant varieties is recommended- contact us for further information.