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A clear understanding of established ecological interactions is especially important within the context of a changing environment, which can alter fundamentally the nature of these interactions at the population, community, and ecosystem scale. In an interdisciplinary approach we combine knowledge of ecology, entomology, plant pathology, and evolutionary biology to understand how variations in inter-specific interactions, in the presence of both biotic and abiotic environmental variables, affect agro-ecosystem productivity. Answers to such questions are keys in developing innovative and sustainable management approaches, which aim to minimize economic losses due to pests.    

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We employ systems thinking to study variables affecting agro-ecosystems; interdisciplinary collaboration is key to our program success. Prospective students must be interested in working across different fields of research including, but not limited to, insect ecology, molecular biology, plant pathology, and plant physiology. Our program benefits from access to excellent research facilities, equipment and field sites. Prospective graduate students are expected to be creative, enthusiastic and productive. Available positions are listed in link below. When contacting regarding a position, highlight the strengths of your application and explain how joining Idaho IPM Laboratory would help you to achieve your goals. 

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Our research updates are communicated to producers and industry during annual eastern Idaho cereal school tours and the annual Idaho potato conference. Our research is also presented in multiple field days across eastern Idaho. Our field research involves collaborations with our producers. As such we are currently collaborating with more than 40 producers through our ongoing wireworm and BYDV survey programs. Pest alerts and research and Extension publications are continuously posted on our website.

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